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2018 Gildredge Park Bowls Finals

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2018 09 09 BowlsFinalOver the weekend of Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th September Gildredge Park Bowling Club held their Club Finals when 18 matches were played. The Men's Championship was won by Andrew Albon and the Ladies Championship was won by Jenny Townsend. This is the second year in succession that Andrew and Jenny have both been Club Champions. In the other two singles matches Arthur Strevens won the Jack Butcher Cup and Helen Cunningham won the Coronation Cup. They are all pictured with their trophies.


One of the most eagerly awaited matches was the Mixed Pairs Final between Andy Browning and Ellen Strevens against Andrew Albon and Jenny Townsend. Andy and Jenny were fresh from winning last weekend’s Eastbourne Mixed Pairs Competition while in the same tournament Andy and Ellen together with Andrew Albon won the Eastbourne Mixed Triples. The match lived up to expectations with some fine bowling by all players. Andy and Ellen took an early lead and managed to hold on until the end of the match which they won 25-15.
One of the most closely fought matches was the Ladies 4 wood pairs between Sue Putland and Eve Goldsmith against Ellen Strevens and Marilyn Doust. Ellen and Marilyn took the lead and held it until the 9th end when 4 shots from Sue and Eve gave them the lead. By the 16th end Sue and Eve were leading 19 -12. And then Ellen and Marilyn fought back to level the match at 20 – 20 on the 20th end. On the last and 21st end Ellen and Marilyn were holding one shot until with her last wood Sue came in to steal the match 21 -20. After such an epic match it seemed a shame that one side had to lose but that is the game of bowls.

Another very close match was fought between Andrew Albon and a new member who transferred this year from Victoria Drive, Robert Ramsden. The match remained close until the 17th end when Andrew with 4 shots took the lead 14 – 10. But Robert fought back to catch up and on the 27th end the score was 18 – 18. On the 28th end Robert was holding two shots with the jack in the ditch. With his third wood Andrew knocked both of Roberts’s woods into the ditch leaving Andrew holding 2 shots. Robert’s last wood ended in the ditch so all Andrew had to do with his last wood was to leave it on the rink to win the match 21 – 18.


At the end of a very enjoyable weekend the winners and runners – up were all presented with their prizes. The only secret prize was revealed at the end by Club Chairman Colin Couch who awarded the Achievers Trophy to Henry Knowles. Henry has been Club Captain for three years and during that time he has been a wonderful ambassador for the Club. He also thanked the two Competition Secretaries, Anita Dixon and Chris Leverentz, for their excellent organisation of the competitions throughout the season and particularly over the weekend.


The Photograph shows (left to right) Helen Cunningham, Arthur Strevens, Jenny Townsend, Andrew Albon.


Click HERE to download the full results table


Success in Eastbourne Women's Town Competitions

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2018 08 Jenny TownsendOur Club hosted the semi-finals and finals of the Eastbourne Woman’s Bowls Competition between 16th – 21st August and our ladies won three of the four competitions.

The Cameron Cup Singles competition started back in May with 19 players entering the competition from local Clubs and concluded with Jenny Townsend from Gildredge Park and Louise Kenward from Eastbourne, meeting in the final. It was a very close match with Jenny winning with a final score of 21-16.




2018 08 Sue PutlandRos PickeringMal RossellPresident Eve GoldsmithIn the Lifeboat Triples Competition, the delayed final was played between the Gildredge Park team of Ros Pickering, Mal Rossell and Sue Putland and Doreen Ryall, Norma Dalgleish and Kathy Pease from Hailsham Bowling club. The Gildredge Park team won the match by 20 points to 13.









2018 08 Sue PutlandRos PickeringMal RossellCarol HeasmanIn the ladies fours, the final was played between the same two clubs as last year. Ros Pickering, Mal Rossell, Carol Heasman (standing in for Jenny Townsend) and Sue Putland from Gildredge Park and Gill Pearson, Rose Wattis, Cathy Greenwood and Julia Savin from Parade. The final score was 20-11 with the win going to the Gildredge Park team.


Gildredge Ladies win Town League

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The last game of the Ladies Eastbourne League was played & it was possible that we could have lost by just half a point if we went down to Saffrons on their home green, so there was a bit of pressure on our team. However Gildredge pulled out all the stops & gained 3 points making our win emphatic.


Our nearest rival, Parade, were at Hailsham & they knew they had to win there, however they lost on both rinks.


We therefore won overall by six & a half points. Well done all our ladies that contributed to this result.


We have over twenty ladies that are willing to play in the league & over the season they all have games. Gildredge are now back on top after being second last year.


Our Ladies have had such a successful year with wins in the Eastbourne Open, the Ladies Town Competitions, & now the Ladies League.


Keep it up Ladies; we are all very proud of you.

Eve Goldsmith (Ladies League Representative)


Gildredge Park Men win Town League

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Gildredge Park Men A Team have won Division 1 of the Eastbourne Town Bowling League for the second year in succession.


The team won 11 of their 12 matches scoring 78 points. Their margin of victory was very significant as the second team, Eastbourne, won 8 matches accumulating 58 points.


The B team have also had a very good season finishing 2nd in Division 2.


They won 9 of their 12 matches finishing on 74 points.


They were beaten by Motcombe Gardens who won the league with 75 points.


A very close fought league.


The final league tables are on the wall in the Men’s locker room.


Congratulations to all our men who played for both the A and B teams.

Gildredge Ladies dominate Eastbourne Open Doubles

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2018 doubles winnersOur ladies dominated the Eastbourne Open Ladies Tournament. On Friday 14th July the ladies doubles final was an all Gildredge Park event. Joan Jones, who left our club 3 years ago when she moved to Shropshire to be closer to her family, played with Eve Goldsmith against Mal Rossell and Helen Cunningham. Eve and Joan won 25 – 11. Apart from the trophy they won £100 each and Mal and Helen won £50 each.
Although Joan left us 3 years ago she still thinks of herself as a Gildredge Park Lady. Recently she bought a small holiday property in in South Wales and joined a bowls club there. She thought she needed some practise before partnering Eve in the Open.
Both pairs had some tough opposition in their route to the final. In the semi-final Eve and Joan beat Rachel Mackriell of Eastbourne B C (the eventual singles champion) and her partner. Eve and Joan built up such a commanding lead that Rachel and her partner conceded when they could not catch up.
Mal also played in the Open singles competition being knocked out by the champion Rachel Mackriell.
Eve Goldsmith said “this is proving to be a very good year for our ladies. We reached the East Sussex Area final of the Double Rink, won two rounds of the national Top Club competition, and are currently top of the Eastbourne Ladies Bowling League.”
The photograph shows Joan and Eve proudly holding their trophy.

New Members Receiving Coaching

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2018 CoachingPhoto9 new and 5 potential new members are receiving coaching.


Sue and David Putland and David Forge, 3 of our qualified coaches, are working their way through coaching for potential new members who attended the Have a Go Weekend in the middle of May.

Nine people who have completed their coaching have submitted their forms to become members of the Club and a further 5 are about to start their coaching who hopefully will also join the Club. So if successful that means we will have recruited 14 new members as a result of our Have a Go Weekend. There are 3 other new members who completed their coaching before the Have a Go Weekend. So in just over two months our coaches will have introduced 17 new members to the sport of bowling.

Head Coach David Putland said “This has been another very successful result from the Have a Go Day in May. To have 14 people who have never played bowls before is a huge success for Gildredge Park Bowling Club. Considering none of the 9 who have joined the Club have only had 4 coaching sessions some of them are already showing a lot of promise and should be good bowlers. We are always happy to provide coaching for any other potential new members who were unable to get to the Have a Go Weekend. They can contact me at 650452 to arrange free coaching on Tuesday or Saturday mornings”

The photograph shows Coach Sue Putland with new members Jane and Andy Hayman