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Two Bowlers at Gildredge Park each win hat trick of titles in Finals

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Gildredge Park Bowling Club held their weekend of Club Finals at the weekend in glorious sunshine and two bowlers each won a hat trick of titles. There were also two new manes on both the Ladies and Men’s championship trophies.


Mal Rossell with partner Ellen Strevens first won the 2 wood pairs beating Carol Heasman and Dorothy Bromiley on Saturday morning. On Saturday afternoon she then won the 4 wood pairs with partner Carol Forge against Linda Couch and Barbara Shaw. And then on Sunday morning she won the fixed jack, a competition of 16 ends where 10 points are available on each end for the four r woods closest to the jack scoring 4, 3, 2, and 1 point. She won this match against Ellen Strevens by the closest margin possible 81 – 79.


Not to be outdone Duncan Pickering on Saturday morning in the Pairs competition with partner Andy Seymour beat Andrew Hayman and Paul Farley. In the afternoon in the veterans singles he beat George Murray. He then woke up on Sunday morning knowing that a victory in the mixed pairs competition partnering his wife Rosalyn would also give him a hat trick of trophies. In a very closely fought match they beat another husband and wife pair Linda and Colin Couch to give Duncan his much sought after hat-trick of trophies.


20190915 02RIn the ladies singles Championship new member to Gildredge Park Cathy Greenwood narrowly beat a former championship winner Eileen Harris. Cathy joined the Club with her husband John at the start of the season having transferred from Parade. In the men’s championship deaf bowler John Morris who also cannot speak beat Ian Bra hammer. After receiving his trophy John gave his opponent Ian a handwritten note indicating he should read it out to the assembled players and spectators. In the note John thanked the Club members and particularly his wife for their support over his many years of bowling. This was very well received by all present.


One particular feature of the weekend was that several new bowlers who had been coached over the past 3 or 4 years were playing in the finals. These members had never before played bowls until they attended the Club’s Have a Go Weekend. This gave particular pleasure to the 4 qualified coaches present who enjoyed watching their protégées achieving so much.


For names of all players and winners see the other articles on this page.


The two attached photographs show Cathy Greenwood with their Club Championship trophies and the second photograph shows Mal Russell and Duncan Pickering each holding their three trophies.


Competition Update - 15th September

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With most external competitions already completed the Eastbourne Mens League complete their competitions over the weekend 21 & 22 September.

Saturday 21 September 10:00 an all day event: Venue Hampden Park BC

Towner Rinks a knockout competition comprising 8 teams


Gildredge Park BC have been invited to enter two teams.
Confirmed as playing:
Team A. Ian Bratthammer, Rob Ramsden, Duncan Pickering, George Murray
Team B. Andy Hayman, Arthur Strevens, John Morris, AN Other (TBC)
The selectors will confirm the fourth member of team B later in the week.
It is encouraging that of the 7 players confirmed 5 played in our Club Finals at the weekend

Sunday 22 September 10:00 an all day event: Venue Eastbourne BC

10:00 Challenge Cup semi final: Teams of 2 Triples
A. Gildredge Park (A) v Motcombe BC
B. Eastbourne (A) v Eastbourne (B)

14:00 Challenge Cup Final Winners A play winners B
Gildredge Park Team selection: P Farley, D Pickering, R Ramsden, A Strevens, A Browning, G Murray

14:00 Challenge Shield a round robin tournament with each Eastbourne club invited to enter one triples team.
Gildredge Park B as Division 2 winners will represent Gildredge Park BC
Team selection: D Forge, C Leverentz, W Carter

16:30 Presentation of League and Cup trophies Gildredge Park B will be awarded the trophy as winners of Division 2. Players to please make every effort to attend as individual trophies will be awarded.

Enjoy your bowling

Club Finals - Results

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Time Competition Competitors Rink  Marker
10:00 4 Wood Handicap C. Forge v J. Townsend 4 K. Evans
10:00 4 Wood Handicap T. Ryan v J. Morris 5 P.Cummings
10:00 2 Wood Pairs M. Rossell v C. Heasman 3  
  (Ladies) E. Strevens   D. Bromiley    
10:00 2 Wood yardstick I. Bratthammer    W. Carter 1 A. Hipkin
  ( Mens)   v      
10:00 Pairs A. Seymour v A. Hayman 2  
  (Mens) D. Pickering   P. Farley    
14:00 Triples S. McKay   G. Seymour    
  (Ladies) A. Haugvik v H.Cunningham 4  
    E. Harris   I.Jackson    
14:00 Veterans D. Pickering v G. Murray 1 D. Forge
14:00 4 Wood Pairs M. Rossell v L. Couch 2  
  (Ladies) C. Forge   B. Shaw    
14:00 Fixed Jack I. Bratthammer    P. Farley 3 J. Fox
  (Mens)   v      
10:00 Mixed Pairs R. Pickering v L. Couch 3  
    D. Pickering   C. Couch    
10:00 2 Wood yardstick M. Bowley v C.Greenwood 2 D. Forge
  ( Ladies)          
10:00 Triples A. Wenham   D. Pipe    
  (Mens) T. Ryan v A. Gribble 1  
    C.Hunt   I. Dixon    
10:00 Fixed Jack M. Rossell v E. Strevens 4 E. Goldsmith
14:00 Jack Butcher T. Wortley v C. Ford 4 J. Butler
14:00 Coronation Cup J. Tait v G.Seymour 1 H.Cunningham
14:00 Championship E. Harris v C. Greenwood 3 J. Townsend
14:00 Championship  I.Bratthammer   J. Morris 2 I. Dixon
  (Mens)   v      
       J. Townsend        ---   Champion   Of    Champions   2019     
DRESS for players & markers - Whites/Club Shirts  -  Umpire D. Bromiley/J. Butler
Presentation at Approx  4:15pm on Sunday  (Please Attend)

Jim Ashby Salver

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IMG 1034On Bank Holiday Monday 52 members of Gildredge Park Bowling Club competed for the Jim Ashby Salver which was first competed for in 2009.


Pictures are the winners were Jan Gribble, Henry Knowles and Carol Forge.


Success in Eastbourne Women's Town Competitions

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2018 08 Jenny TownsendOur Club hosted the semi-finals and finals of the Eastbourne Woman’s Bowls Competition between 16th – 21st August and our ladies won three of the four competitions.

The Cameron Cup Singles competition started back in May with 19 players entering the competition from local Clubs and concluded with Jenny Townsend from Gildredge Park and Louise Kenward from Eastbourne, meeting in the final. It was a very close match with Jenny winning with a final score of 21-16.




2018 08 Sue PutlandRos PickeringMal RossellPresident Eve GoldsmithIn the Lifeboat Triples Competition, the delayed final was played between the Gildredge Park team of Ros Pickering, Mal Rossell and Sue Putland and Doreen Ryall, Norma Dalgleish and Kathy Pease from Hailsham Bowling club. The Gildredge Park team won the match by 20 points to 13.









2018 08 Sue PutlandRos PickeringMal RossellCarol HeasmanIn the ladies fours, the final was played between the same two clubs as last year. Ros Pickering, Mal Rossell, Carol Heasman (standing in for Jenny Townsend) and Sue Putland from Gildredge Park and Gill Pearson, Rose Wattis, Cathy Greenwood and Julia Savin from Parade. The final score was 20-11 with the win going to the Gildredge Park team.