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New Members Receiving Coaching

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2018 CoachingPhoto9 new and 5 potential new members are receiving coaching.


Sue and David Putland and David Forge, 3 of our qualified coaches, are working their way through coaching for potential new members who attended the Have a Go Weekend in the middle of May.

Nine people who have completed their coaching have submitted their forms to become members of the Club and a further 5 are about to start their coaching who hopefully will also join the Club. So if successful that means we will have recruited 14 new members as a result of our Have a Go Weekend. There are 3 other new members who completed their coaching before the Have a Go Weekend. So in just over two months our coaches will have introduced 17 new members to the sport of bowling.

Head Coach David Putland said “This has been another very successful result from the Have a Go Day in May. To have 14 people who have never played bowls before is a huge success for Gildredge Park Bowling Club. Considering none of the 9 who have joined the Club have only had 4 coaching sessions some of them are already showing a lot of promise and should be good bowlers. We are always happy to provide coaching for any other potential new members who were unable to get to the Have a Go Weekend. They can contact me at 650452 to arrange free coaching on Tuesday or Saturday mornings”

The photograph shows Coach Sue Putland with new members Jane and Andy Hayman